This is insane!



Look let me be honest, I am absolutely 110% exhausted.

I think my brain made this extremely strange connection with returning to work that my body just wasn’t quite ready for, socialising. Stupidly, don’t get me wrong I have had a wonderful time with my amazeball friends – but, I organised dinner OUT .. 3 nights in a row. Not only is that big on a regular week of recovery, it was my FIRST WEEK returning to work. What an absolute donkey, right?

The week; however has been incredible, my happiness level is on another planet and I felt SO welcomed when I returned to work Monday. For those of you who don’t know I work in a school, I will discuss this in another blog soon BUT, let me tell you.. working with kids on a good day is tiring. Working with kids on your first week back to work in 3.5 months, for 4 hours straight, HURTS MY BRAINNNN!

My job brings me so much happiness… like SO much happiness! It is the most challenging, rewarding, heart warming job and I am so happy I chose teaching as my career path because I absolutely adore it, but it comes with a rather large chunk of exhaustion. One which this week has taken a MASSIVE toll.

I have come home each day this week absolutely burnt out. Monday – I have no words, I came home, got comfortable on the couch and quite literally didn’t move until I went to bed at 530pm. The laughs. Tuesday was slightly better.. I went to bed at 730pm. Then Wednesday & Thursday I went out for dinner; however, still made it to bed by 830pm latest (Wednesday). The socialising; though great fun, was too much. I think because I was returning to walk, I was taking this humongous leap and all of sudden everything would be better and I would have energy and all of that jazz.. was that the case? HAHA.. no. I do not advise this, ever, to anyone. If you don’t take anything from any of my blogs, take this ..

6 weeks isn’t the end of recovery, it’s just the start of ‘normality’, the start of the next chapter of recovery. Take it easy!

Today (Friday), I arrived at work and everyone could not believe I had made it 5 days in a row! Even before I took time off because I was too unwell, I was not doing 5 days as I was just .. too sick. I was so elated. I am so so happy.

What I learnt this week..
– You can not physically locate the energy to go out for dinner once, let alone three nights in a row
– Working 4 hours is SO draining
– Jeans are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing to wear with a scar for a period of time longer than 1 hour
– Teaching fractions after not doing math for a number of months takes some serious brain use
– Be grateful for everyone, and everything. Everyone cares for you, take the support where you can. People are happy to help.
– Naps are life
– Insomnia is a pain in the bottom
– Trying to do the gym, with your first week of work is very ambitious


My advice to you if you are returning to work.. 
– Return casual/part time, don’t return full time. I can not even imagine how hard that would be!
– Take it easy. Take this from me, who has done the opposite!
– Remember, you’re still in recovery!
– Listen to your body

Thanks for reading,

G x

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