Recovery and Exercise Week 1

Hey guys, I have been meaning to write this ALL week and just have not got around to it. Somehow I have been off work and manage to keep myself so busy that I never know where the day goes!

Disclaimer: I am by no means a personal trainer, or trained in exercise throughout recovery; however, am more than happy to share my journey. Hence the blog!

Throughout the most part of my surgery I have done some kind of exercise, by that I mean I went on daily walks. However, as the 6-week mark sprung upon me I have now slightly increased my exercise regime. Prior to surgery I was pretty fit, so I know my body particularly well in that regard and listen to my body when performing exercises. Each day I have gone to the gym I have gone without a plan at all, I have simply done what I have felt comfortable doing, and what my body feels is do-able.

One of my main tips of advice when heading back to the gym/training, is take it slowly. Slow yet progressive. In saying that, what I currently am able to train may be very different to yourself due to many other contributing factors. Please take that into consideration when performing any exercise post-recovery.

In saying that, many of you have asked for some advice on what to do post-surgery for exercise. Again, I am no personal trainer but am happy to share my journey with you.

When I head into the gym I warm up. This tends to be 10-20 minutes on the treadmill walking, if you are able to do a slight incline this is also great as walking outside is actually a 2% incline on a treadmill (Cheeky treadmill hack).

Following that I have generally picked a body part and performed some extremely light weights, or body weight exercises (only with legs). The aim for me personally is to avoid using my core as much as possible. I have found that with arm exercises using a very light weight, and only doing a single arm at a time has helped. This is because when you use both arms, you actually use your core to stabilise yourself which ultimately is an ab workout – not something I am aiming for right now. With leg workouts I have used assisted weight machines to avoid stabilising my core as much also, I have also just used body weight as this has always been something I have incorporated into my workouts.

Now when I say I ‘work out’, I am not walking into the gym looking one way, and walking out like a bedraggled sweaty tomato – I am taking it extremely easy. Slow controlled movements and just focusing on regaining my muscles so I can begin to increase my exercise further.

It is super duper important to know your limits during this time of recovery as from what I have heard .. hernias are no fun! To avoid those, be thankful with how much your body is comfortable in doing and know when to stop. If you are struggling with this then I highly advise getting a Trainer/Physio to help you regain your strength prior to beginning the gym.

I have been aiming to head to the gym 5 times a week. Some of these days I simply walk, I just listen to my body. Last week I only made it 4 times because I was SO sore from lifting 2kg – how pathetic! But onwards and upwards and always a step forward.

I put together a little video of some body weight exercises I have been doing! Please excuse my shitty videoing, camera quality and inability to edit videos. I am no guru. That being said … Here you go!

Total Colectomy Recovery and Exercise

Thanks for reading

G x


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