The most commonly asked question… 


The simple answer is no. 

For those of you who are unaware your colon relies on fibre to digest foods and in a sense push unwanted agents through the bowel. In simple terms.. without a colon, your shit does not solidify. Gross I know. HOWEVER … because I happen to be this wonderfully rare and unique person with a strange condition.. my body does the opposite. Fibre makes my bowels worse. Even now, without a colon. 



It means I am predominantly on a low fibre diet. This is to prevent my small bowel from obtaining the same condition as my large bowel (colon). The issue with my condition is although the ‘main’ culprit organ has been removed, I am not in the ‘all clear’. Even though I am well now, does not mean I will be like this forever. There are many risks that I have had to take, many that could fly back and kick me in the face at a later date. For now .. I am doing mighty fine; however, there is a relatively moderate chance the chronic constipation will move to my small bowel. Along with increase in bowel obstructions and potential scar tissue complications. All things that are uncertain for anyone to see imminently. For now, I am fully embracing the ‘wellness’ I am feeling.


So.. because my small bowel has a chance of decreasing in motility the best option for my diet is to eat a low fibre diet like I have mentioned. Let me tell you.. this means taking out every food that I have loved forever, and replacing it with foods I would never think of eating. 

Side Note: I have been Gluten Free for 3 years due to intolerance, this was not a voluntary switch.

Usually I would eat which can no longer eat.. 

Brown Gluten Free Bread/Pasta




Fruits – mostly berries & bananas


Now I am unable to eat many of these items. 

Brown GF to White GF due to the reduction in Fibre

No Hommus

No Legumes

Only Smooth nut spread in moderation (1 tbsp per day)

No berries 💔💔 .. at that, no fruit skins either

No salad.. well I can eat iceberg lettuce butttt…. ya feel me.


Look the transition with my food has been the most difficult part in this entire ‘recovery phase’, many foods I have wanted to eat I am unable to. I then found myself consuming the most insane amount of food because the low fibre was causing me to be SO HUNGRY.

One day I found myself eating 8x slices of this gluten free white bread which upon reflection has zero nutrients .. no wonder I was hungry. 

It has truly been the biggest learning curve. 

The first 3 weeks I was eating just a ‘low-fibre diet’, and figuring it out myself. I was getting so frustrated with how hungry I constantly was. I was eating 6 x meals a day.. and I am not a big person. I am 53kg – I was just thinking my gosh what is going on..


I took it upon myself to do some research and came across the Ketogenic Diet. Usually I would look at this and frown at it. ‘A weight loss diet which burns fat’, is essentially why people use it. Before I go any further I would like to highlight that I am by no means trying to lose weight, if anything gain a few kg from surgery. HOWEVER.. the dynamics of this diet seemed realistic. 

There are tonnes of health benefits aside from weight loss that the ketogenic diet helps with:

Boosting Brain function

Mental Clarity

Increase in Energy

Reduction in inflammation 

As well as assisting with many medical conditions such as diabetes and PCOS.


The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet. 

It has macros usually around: 70% Fat, 20% Protein and 10% Net Carbs

Fat for many people is a scary concept. I know what you are thinking…

‘Why on earth would you eat 70% fat?’ 

Ultimately.. Your body requires either carbohydrates or fats to fuel your body with sufficient energy.

If you fuel your body with Carbohydrates they are digested and broken down to glucose to fuel your body. This is what your body runs on day to day. This means when you work out etc. your predominant fuel source would be your carbohydrates.

If you eat a high fat diet. The fat is broken down to ketones which is then used to fuel your body similar to the energy carbohydrates give you. The difference is your body is burning the fat, as opposed to the carbohydrates.

I would like to make it abundantly clear.. you must have either relatively moderate carbohydrate OR fat intake, otherwise your body will break down your protein for fuel which can cause degeneration of your muscles. 


I got to the stage where I was thinking ‘I need a dietician I can’t keep eating this much food its insane’, or ‘Ketogenic Diet’. So I figured I would give it my best shot.

It has been by far the greatest decision I have made thus far.

Don’t get me wrong.. eating 70% fats is bloody hard work, sometimes I question whether I will be fat but rest assured I have not gained a gram in over a week.

The foods are vastly different which requires some serious adjustment.

Bulletproof coffees (Black coffee with coconut oil) have become a daily ritual and I am feeling so much more full. FINALLY.

Another reason this works so well for me is it cuts out many of the carbohydrates that contain significant amounts of fibre which is allowing me to remain full, on a low fibre and gluten free diet. Crazy I know. This is not to say you could not do this diet and have a high fibre intake.. you would just eat different foods to me 🙂

ANYWAY.. I have had several of you message me for details of what I eat and such, I will be sure to post more photos to keep you up to date. If you would like me to do a post on What I eat in a Day then let me know, more than happy to do so.

Thanks for reading

G xxx

ps. Can’t believe over 500 people read my blogs, Thankyouuuu 💖

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