IMG_7722Selection & Reasoning

I don’t know where to start. This journey so far has been a massive whirlwind. I have learnt so much about myself; though have also been faced with huge decisions like.. surgery.

After a huge couple of days reflecting on all of the potential surgery options. Without going overboard.. I have my reasons for my selection. I have considered the other options in great length and due to the restraint of not having anything to comfortably operate my bowels in the mean time many of the options were quickly ruled out. 

It came down to a Loop Ileostomy and the Ileorectal Anastomosis. I got transferred to the delegated surgeon over the weekend and he came to see me today (Monday 26th March). He informed me that getting a bag immediately was not warranted due to the high success rate and low complication rate of the Ileorectal Anastomosis. He highlighted that of course there are risks; the chances of the risks occurring far outweigh battling a bag when there is potential I won’t need one. The surgeon is a specialist in his field and has studied gastrointestinal motility for MANY years – so I have a great deal of trust in his instinct. Though an ileostomy bag would be a possible solution; he suggested at least giving the Ileorectal Anastomosis my best shot. He said ‘you’re young, fit and healthy.. you’ll bounce back.’ 

The conversation continued where I asked my questions and were gave me an idea of the possible risks occurring:

1. Incontinence – Likely for the first couple of weeks whilst bowel adjusts to using the small bowel as its main function. Unlikely following this as my anorectal manometry showed that my butt works fine – what a legend!

2. Scar Tissue/Bowel Obstructions: 1 in 5 chance; though can occur quite rarely (1 every couple of years) or frequently. 

3. Leakage at the Anastomosis Site: 1 in 100 chance. If this occurs – I will get sepsis will be returned to theatre to get a bag.

These are the three main risks. 

Surgery Date

From the moment surgery was mentioned there has been discussion that I will be sent home and then returned for surgery as it is done as an ‘elective’ given I am not dying. Expecting surgery to be at least a week away.. you can imagine my stunned expression during this following conversation. 

Current Day: Monday 26th March.

Surgeon: So I can fit you in on Wednesday, how does that work?

Me: What.. like… this Wednesday?

Surgeon: Yep… this Wednesday


Surgeon: (Thinking what is this lady).. soooo Wednesday is okay?

Me: You have made my day I thought I’d be left like this for weeks..

(I don’t know I ever said yes but think he got the vibe)


So.. Wednesday 28th March my life is about to change for better or for worse.

Small surgery… really small. Only 5 hours long. Only requires rejigging the entire organisation of my bowel organs. Its chilled. Will be a breeze.

Ok. You’re right! I am shitting my self.

Quite literally petrified.

It all just got real, like really REAL.

But as always.. I got this 💪

See you on the other end!


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