Surgery and Recovery

Today marks 6-days post op! 

I’d be lying if I said it had been easy. When you agree to surgery I think you have a tendency to look beyond the immediate pain following surgery, rather look more at the long term goal of the result.

Don’t get me wrong.. I knew I would be in pain. But NOBODY can prepare you for the pain that I was in. 

Coming out of anaesthetic was interesting. Very disorienting – I am not a fan, though major appreciation for it keeping me asleep for the surgery.

Day of Surgery – I proceeded to lie in my bed. Press my medication button to keep the flow of medication running through my blood and sleep. I was very incoherent and I resembled a ghost you would see in a haunted house.

Day 1 Post-Op – Would you believe.. I SAT UP. Believe me.. when the physio came around and told me I would be sitting up today I laughed… what a joker I was thinking. If only he was joking. The pain was absolutely out of this world. I have never felt so faint and sick in all of my life. But I made the two steps to the chair and managed to sit there for 10 minutes before returning to my coma.

Day 2 Post-Op – A massive improvement. I managed to sit up without assistance which was massive progress from the previous day. I also managed to walk to the weighing scales with a walker and support of two nurses. I felt extremely vulnerable. I also showered – boy what a task. Sitting in the shower is a new experience in itself. Sitting in the shower and being unable to move half of your body is another. Nonetheless.. the task was achieved. 

Received some beautiful flowers from my best friend who lives in the UK! She sure knows how to brighten my day xxx

Day 3 Post -Op – I walked without a walker! Today was the day I felt most human sitting up. I could sit without requiring a fan blowing full whack to prevent me from fainting, but I managed to sit for a good two hours. Remarkable! The human body amazes me. 

Day 4 Post- Op – Today was a mixture of good and bad times. Good: I was able to reduce some of the medications which had me moved to a general ward from high dependency. Always a step in the right direction. Bad: My nausea was out of this world. My stomach started to make all sorts of gurgling noises as assumably my bowels begin to try and work but it made me feel bloody terrible. After vomitting and a solid nap for the rest of the day, and the entire night I felt slightly better the following day. 

Day 5 Post – Op – Exhausted. Exhausted. Exhausted. No matter how much I had slept the day and night prior, I could not seem to get enough sleep. I made it outside for some fresh air in the wheelchair and that was me done for the day. I was completely wiped. I then progressed to sleep for the entire day and night again. Amazing! I have never slept so much in my life. 

OVERALL .. I am doing okay. I have struggled mentally more than physically. I think I under-estimated how much surgery knocks you, needless to say the pain is like nothing I have ever experienced. But as you would expect given I just a departed with a major organ. 

My bowels are yet to work but that is normal as they go into ‘shock’ during surgery. It takes some time for them to regain consciousness and kickstart back into gear. I am now able to eat a low fibre diet.. though I must admit my appetite is pathetic after not eating for almost a week. 

My scar is healing very well. I was so scared to see it I didn’t look at it for the first day or so, but truth be told.. I’m impressed. Embrace the battle scars as they say. 

Here is a photo first day out of surgery of my scar: 

I’ll keep you posted,

Thanks for reading

G x

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