Re-admitted .. AGAIN

Back in Hospital. JOY!

I can confirm: 

  • The bed’s are still as comfy
  • The food is still as delicious
  • Everyone is very quiet at nights 
  • I still love needles
  • Going to the bathroom with a machine is still a very simple task
  • The views are just as glorious
  • You still need to repeat your story 700 times to be heard
  • My Pyjama stock is overflowing (many thanks to ma & pa)I even have furry socks and frills now.. cheers Mum #nevertooold

Date: 13th March

Throughout the weekend just past I have continued to feel particularly odd. My heart rate has been escalated (around 90 resting HR), still very nauseous and following the use of medicine(Only laxative that usually works in emergency) I vomited. Another fun packed weekend of a 24 year old party gal – I wish.

Tuesday 13th March I re-presented to ED again. The plan I was given was not working. The trial medicine was nothing short of an absolute nightmare annnnnnd I had a clogged colon yet again. In ED they wanted to do an ECG to check my escalated heart rate – it was very sporadic from 90 to 42 then back up to 80 all whilst lying down. They went through my past plan and identified the symptoms from the Prucalopride and agreed this medicine was not working. They discussed the ‘other’ medicine they wanted me to try to which I kindly responded with ‘I refuse’. The specialists did encourage me to try it given the severity of the surgery but they said we can discuss this further. I was admitted under the Gastroentreology team under my specialist (AMAZING – so much easier than last time!). At that point it was 6pm and I was informed I would be seen by further specialists in the morning, though was unable to eat as surgical review was to occur first #starving.

Humorous side note: 

Whilst attempting to amuse ourselves in ED. Mum and I read our star signs. Mine was a clear representation of how the next 24 hours was to unfold… 

Date 14th March

Wonderful Wednesday awoken by a surgeon saying ‘MORNING GEORGIA!’ – Gooooood least I didn’t have to wait. The surgeon reviewed me and was concerned that they needed to try something else again before surgery goes ahead. When I kindly explained I was fed up with this. Fed up of re-presenting to ED. Fed up of not working and fed up of feeling sick and full of shit, he reminded me of the severity of the surgery … yet again. Strangely.. I thought a group of surgeons cutting open your stomach and taking your entire large intestine out was a very simple procedure….. seriously!

The surgical team said they would chat with the surgeon coordinator and the gastro team though I should consider the other medicine before hand – even if its just a try and it fails. He had a point.. I knew that then, I know that now. But my mind was still set #getthecolonout.

About an hour later my specialist gastro came around. We discussed the medicines, how I was feeling about everything, where my head was at and what he thought was the best choice. The discussion of further testing of medicines continued where I sit there and flat out refuse. He informs tell me: ‘it is obviously your choice and we can not force you but if you think 10 years down the line when you have had surgery and you wonder ‘what if that medicine worked?’, you might forever kick yourself’. He had a point. That hit a nerve. Good one Mr Specialist. 

Mum questioned the likelihood of the medicine working.. again SO MINIMAL IT HURTS. Infact.. even better ‘no literature studies have been conducted to present statistics’. WHAT IS THE POINT PLEASE? Really.. Tell me. Apparently people who have used it have experienced positive results. ANNNND THE SUPPORTIVE WRITING FOR THAT ISSSSS…. nowhere to be found. SO.. let me clarify – there is not evidence. Fabulous idea I’d say? He further discussed using glycoprep (what gave me a bowel obstruction) as a daily regiment to attempt to get the bowels moving. This stuff tastes revolting. I highlighted to my specialist that I am not going home until I have a fix .. if thats a regime that is working – amazing! If it’s a surgery date – cool! But until I have a sense of resolving this painstaking situation I am not going anywhere. My gastro informed me I would staying in hospital at this stage to be monitored that way they have control over the regime and can work together as a team to try and get it working whilst I am here – this was good news. Good in the sense we are closer to the end.

Now what?

For the next four days I have to:

  1. Clear my bowels completely with various forms of who knows what
  2. Begin drinking 1L of medicine daily
  3. Start taking another medicine filled with side effects to see if it works

How am I feeling?   

Exhausted. Over it. Annoyed they won’t just rip it out already. Clogged up. Sick. Emotional. Want my life back.

BUT… if a medicine eventually works then it is better than losing my colon.


But first…  another mini vacay begins!



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