LAXATIVES … a wonderfully revolting medication.

…. and so the laxative bandwagon began. A very. long. painful. shitty (literally). few months. There is a fact about laxatives.. to put it kindly – they make you shit. lots. Did this happen to me? Occasionally. But rarely. Is this normal? Absolutely not.

With the help of my Gastro I was on laxatives that can be used on an ongoing basis – thus they are not stimulant laxatives. This is so you can continue to use them throughout your life without them altering the function of your bowel such that there is a chance the gut will begin working again, solo. Something I now know I will never experience.

Without a joke.. over a period of 6 months I think I tried over 20 different laxatives of various kinds. Specialists could not get their head around why my body was not responding. ‘You’re 24.. your body should just bounce back in to gear from the constipation’. Boy do I wish they were right!

It got to the stage where I was taking hefty amounts of laxatives to try and move my bowels, obscene amounts.. amounts that even specialists could not comprehend were not working.

As the progression seemingly continued to get worse, my body started responding less to all of the medication and I was unable to ‘adult’ efficiently what so ever. I was having to take many days off of work due to pain, exhaustion and the mental battle I was fighting with myself.

Since January 2018 I have been to the hospital 4 times. Twice because the pain was to an extreme which I could not handle. I could not move my bowels. I was feeling awfully sick. I was pasty white. I looked pregnant. I’m not talking food baby.. I am talking PREGNANT. Like HUGE! This is when everything began to progress at a rapid pace. 

After my third presentation to Emergency. They took me through for an X-ray to see what was happening (of course at this stage I already knew how consitpated I was because I looked like I was 8 months pregnant and ironically hadn’t shit in 9 days). Nevertheless, I was taken for an X-ray which showed that I had chronic constipation. I felt like saying, ‘NO SHIT REALLY?’, but obviously.. that would not be helpful. So I took it in my stride and remained calm. ‘okay .. so what’s next?’ I asked. The uncertain journey ahead continued. Thankfully my Gastro is a legend and liaised with the nurses and asked them to organise for me to go for Colonic Transit Study.

Off I go for a Colonic Transit Study – what is one of those you ask? A verrrrrrry long, tedious, time consuming study that takes place over the duration of A WHOLE WEEK. Yep you heard right. ONE WHOLE WEEK. I went in on the Monday. I had to drink a small amount of radiation. Why Radiation? So they can see how slow my colon moves/digests the radiation based on the glow. This all occurred at 10am on Monday morning. Monday 4pm I returned for a 10 minute scan to see where the radiation is within my colon. Everyday at 8am I returned for a 10 minute scan for the remainder of the week. Over this period the scan shows where the radiation is within your colon and whether your bowel functions normally. My study finished on the Friday morning. Friday 11am I get a call from my Gastro ‘Georgia, I don’t have great news…’, never a good start to a chat.

The phone call resulted in me laughing instead of crying at the news of my diagnosis: ‘a systematic generalised colonic motility disorder’. What is that? In simple terms… my colon does not move…. like … at all. Well maybe slightly.. but at a 1/4 of the pace a regular colon moves. My specialist may have thought I was crazy during that phone call as I sat there going.. ‘ill be okay though…’ whilst he was trying to break the news that surgery was likely the next stage..

More coming to you shortly! 

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