Throughout my mini vacaction at the hospital; my Family have been amazing. They spent the first three days sitting there the entire day waiting for answers. A hospital has ‘visiting hours’, something my family have very little awareness of as they sauntered through the ward at 730am each morning to ensure they were present for the doctor/surgeon visit anywhere between 730 and 9am. A small 3.5 hours before visiting hours began. They quietly maneuvered their chairs around my bed. Brought their packed lunch, my sister brought her school work, my mum brought a beauty spa – nail varnish, braiding abilities and the most luxurious toiletry bag any patient of Ward 5 ever did see and Dad.. brought his humor to get us all through.

I think my family spent more money on me than on food this week. More new Pyjamas than I can count, magazines, entire new toiletry bag/supplies, even my own packed lunch the first few days to ensure I did not need to eat hospital food – then I succumbed to the glorious hospital food as I felt like hard work. If anyone in that hospital needed something.. I could assure you – I had it!

The presence of someone around was a massive support throughout the entire stay – though especially the first few days. My brain was like cabbage, every little bit of information thrown my way from a doctor needed to be relayed in order for me to completely understand. I remember Mum encouraging me to think of some questions for the Surgeon when he came back.. even that was a challenge. All I could think about was how excited I was to live life without pain. ‘When can I have surgery?’ being the only question I was able to produce.

As the longer I stayed and the wait was on me a) shitting, b) waiting to get confirmation of a trial drug going ahead my family relaxed on the 730am arrival .. slightly – they got there at 830am instead. Mum and Dad then took turns in coming to see me around their work schedule to spread out the time they were there. At this point I was doing okay. I did not want everyone to sit waiting as truth be told .. it was bloody boring.

For those of you who are unaware .. my family are health freaks. We exercise lots and have a very healthy diet. Both of which I had not being involved in for the duration of my stay thus far. Each morning and afternoon tea I was given cake. Chocolate became my survival food and mash was the only thing I actually liked out of the entire range of hospital food. HEALTHY. Mum was so eager to get me up and about on Day 1 of the hospital stay. ‘Come on George.. lets go for a walk. You’ll feel better.’ Did she get me going? Absolutely not. Day 2 – I made it to the cafe. Day 3 – she dragged me around the hospital block. ‘Can we go back yet?’ I ask… ‘No lets just go up to that railing up there’ … farrrr farrr away! The outings out of my 2 wall, 2 curtained domain continued. Until Mum got creative…. ‘GEORGE I’VE HEARD ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL GARDEN.’ A wonderful garden in the hospital you ask? Mum was truly excited. ‘Come on let’s go’. Truth be told.. it was a nice escape in the hospital – it had ducks and a little waterfall all surrounded by trees. ‘OH GEORGE YOU CAN COME HERE TONIGHT IT WILL BE LOVELY.’ 😂 Yeah okay Mum.. I’ll come hang out by myself in this wonderful garden hospital tonight and it will be a REALLLLL NICE TIME! Bless her. Always thinking outside of the box. Always providing entertainment.

But really.. my family are the most incredible, supportive, loving people on this earth and I am so grateful to have them by my side every step of the way. They each have their own little ‘thing’ and they come together to produce an amazing support network filled with hilarity, spontaneity and a sense of togetherness.


Something my family does not do.. is go through something alone. Something I am forever grateful for. If one of us goes through it.. we all do. There are no words that could describe how thankful, grateful and lucky I feel to have a family like I do.

The support from my family and friends – near and far, has been absolutely incredible. My positive spin on this situation would not be without you all. SO THANKYOU! Every message, phone call and visit I have received have brightened my day. 


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