Welcome to my Blog


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My name is Georgia. I am 24 years old. I was brought up in the UK, I moved to Australia when I was 14 and have resided here ever since. I have a condition called: systematic generalised colonic motility disorder which basically causes my colon to turn to a standstill – as opposed to digesting food. This has caused a painful, uncomfortable, emotionally draining experience where my bowel has not functioned, at all.

This has resulted in a Total Colectomy with an Ileorectal Anastomosis. This blog is my diary.

A place for me to document my journey. Discuss the raw emotions, the changes to my life and to provide a place for reflection when the going gets tough.
I intend to raise awareness of this condition and provide support for those that suffer from a similar condition. When I was diagnosed I tried to reach out to those that had something similar with no success.. my goal is to help those people. Be that person that is there, that has experienced it, that can raise awareness of this debilitating condition. Yet, show how positivity can help you kick through, smash goals and have the best quality of life for you.

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